About Us

AMAL İNSANİ YARDIM DERNEĞİ is an association was founded on 14th June 2018 with registered number 27-021-166 in Gaziantep (Turkey), and then also established with a new branch in Kilis in 2019.

The association aims to provide humanitarian aid (activities, relief, livelihoods, awareness sessions) to all people regardless of religion and race, especially widows, orphans, women, and children, through volunteers and staff with a perspective on local, national, and international cooperation focused on social solidarity and the aim at building communities with cohesion, inclusion, non-discrimination, and equality.

AİYD promotes a culture of solidarity and community participation for a society characterized by solidarity, inclusion, and respect and that these are pursued through education, knowledge, and support for those with the greatest difficulty and a shared solidarity, to make each one capable of determining himself. AİYD develops projects without any religious, ideological, or political affiliation, respecting the culture, education, economy, and traditions of the areas in which it operates.

AİYD believes that first step in acquiring one's autonomy, for the pursuit of one's own happiness and personal fulfillment and growth, of the faculty to understand others is in the possibility of carrying out one's own life path and in seeking their own way to interpret the world in a pluralistic civil society. Language and Education, Solidarity, Human Rights and Diversity provide these first irreplaceable instruments to reach this goal.

Registered (27-021-166)